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  • 2021/06/07 Mariusz

    I would like to buy the Hot Air JDI 863 1600W but I have few questions: 1. Can you please send me the scan or PDF of English User Manual - I would like to read something more about the features of this tool. 2. Is it possible to buy extra spare heating element for this hot air gun together with the hot air order. 3. Do the nozzles from Quick 861DW fit to JDI 863 as well? 4. Does the JDI 863 have the calibration mode?

  • 2021/03/13 meisam talaei

    hello i call from iran i buy two products jdi heating gun and jdi soldering pro twoice and those are very good i want to buy the power supply and some barb soldering how you can send thos for me ?

  • 2021/02/23 amir

    i have problems with xsoldering pro . some times handle have error.c245 handle mor than c210 have error and when have error must be power off and power on again .what can i do ?

  • 2021/01/19 Андрей Георгиевич Сенин

    Hey. Does this station work with 245 pens? I want to buy, but I need an answer.

  • 2018/01/16 San Zhang

    hello,my name is San Zhang

    Hell,San Zhang
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